Who we are and what do we do?

KolorDot as a company is Small, Personal and Cabable! We are focused on serving the needs of our customers starting from the first contact!  
We are a printing and design service providing company.

Our service is DTG Printing - We print directly onto garments!

DTG printing technology allows you to create visual statements across the whole color spectrum. Allow KolorDot to help you achieve the next level in fashion design, with which to make history with. 
dd value to your clothes with memorable and meaningful messages and pictures! For oranizations and establishments being a advertisment medium and through which to increase your reputation.

On what do we print?

The materials we can print on are: cotton, linen, leather, silk, polyester, denim and other synthetic materials.
For printing, we use waterbased inks.  The quality of  inks are audited with a certificate and tested against harmful substances. The results of the inspection made according to product class 1 have shosn that the products meet human-ecological requirements at present astablised for baby articles.